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My Journey

The Journey From A Procastinist To Leader

(2008 - 2012)

The Education Phase

I was an “Outstanding student”, meaning you’ll find me always outside the class. I was not a person who can swallow up things to get good marks without any logic. So I ended up scoring 39 % in my maths in class 12th. I was good in chemistry, but I was not someone who can do advance integration and differentiation thing.


Explored The Power Of Teaching

Moved to Sitamarhi (Bihar). The loophole of education system encouraged me to explore “Teaching Profession in Chemistry.” I do Believe that,” Teachers are like Doctors who cure diseases.” Similarly, A teacher simplifies and improves understanding of complicated things by story-telling. Topped in my college in Graduation.


Best Place Visits Of Life

Before the results of my Postgraduate Program I got an offer from a great E-learning venture “Toppr Technologies Pvt Ltd.” Explored best places in pune and came to realize that; I was stuck and not growing. I met my first inspiration “The Founder – Zishan Hayath” (Passed Out From IIT Bombay). So out of frustration,” I started surfing internet for best platforms to utilise my talent or to start my own E-learning Venture.”


Seed of entrepreneurship

I got a chance to do my research at “IIT Bombay”. But on the day of Interview, I was at “Fortis Mohali” being operated for curing TB in Abdominal Region. I came in contact with few people super successful as entrepreneurs. Read best book ” Rich Dad Poor Dad” for starting entrepreneurs.


Youth Entrepreneurship Hub

The Purpose of starting Youth Entrepreneurship Hub is to..” To elevate entrepreneurs to within reach of their dreams. I believe that anybody can win, become great, and create the life they truly desire. Learned a numerous skills to master online business.

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